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Konec sezone

25.- Konec sezone: After the season a pre-season will begin. This pre-season takes 2 weeks, week 15 and 16 that is. During those 2 weeks some users still have to play two matches, called the promotion/relegation matches ( home and away) furthermore internal processes will be finished as well. During these two weeks the managers have to decide what to do with their youth players, will they be promoted, fired or kept for another season. The internal processes are as follows: Block 1 will be active after the matches of week 14 are played, block 2 will finish the season and last but not least block 3 will open the season. We will explain the blocks more precise:

25.01.-Zadnja tekma v ligi: A few hours after the leagues have ended the promotion matches are being created. In these matches teams who try to promote to a higher division will face the teams that will fight to retain their position. After this process, the recalculation of the salaries will be started. The salary is based upon the training the players received and thus the increase in skills they had over the last season. This process only takes place once per season and you can view the changes just as you can view the changes in training. One day later (on Sunday) all the players and youth players(promoted earlier) will age turn one year older, you could call this one big happy birthday :):).

25.02.-Pred koncem trenutne sezone: 3-5 hours after you played your last promotion/relegation match the changes will be processed when this is finished the processes of Block 2 will begin in order to finish the season. Topscorers, relegations, promotions and the fees and so on will be processed. ( The promoted teams will be put in a random league whilst relegated teams will take over the place of a promoted team) When this all has finished the new season can begin.

25.03.-Po začetku nove sezone: After the economical updates in the country, which occurs between week 16 and week 1 and will last between 3 and 5 hours, we will start processes to create and begin the new season. The first thing that happens is that the amount of fans will be recalculated. Factors like the target set for the previous season, the place of the team in the league and many other factors, decide how much fans you will get or lose. This happens only once a season. After that, the fixtures will be created, whereupon the managers can decide their playing style. The season is now officially ended and the new one can begin.

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