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Uprava kluba

6.- Uprava kluba: Tukaj lahko upravljate vaš klub. Lahko najamete ali odpustite trenerja, zdravnika, fizioterapevta, psihologa itd...Poleg tega boste videli na jasen in preprost način kaj se dogaja v vašem klubu od registracije naprej. Enkrat na sezono boste lahko nastavili vaš cilj. Videli boste lahko število vaših podpornikov in navijačev. V naslednjih odstavkih bomo nakratko obrazložili kaj lahko upravljate:

6.01.-Niz neporaženosti: Število vaših zaporednih zmag in / ali tekem brez poraza. To je zelo pomembno za razpoloženje vaših navijačev. Boljši kot je niz, lažje boste napolnili stadion in obratno. V niz so vštete samo uradne tekme.

6.02.-Cilj: You can configure the target you establish for your team and you can do it at the beginning of each season. Depending on the risk that you take, achieving the target will be very positive for your supporters. If the risk is not a very high one, it will be slightly positive for your supporters. At the end of the season depending on whethet the target has been achieved or not, the number of your supporters will vary positively or negatively, so it is very important to establish your target at the beginning of the season (you will only be able to establish your targets during the first 2 weeks of the season) . The four possible targets are:
  6.02.1-Zmaga (samo 1. mesto): Ekipa mora osvojiti ligo da bi izpolnila ta cilj
  6.02.2-Zmaga v ligi (1. ali 2.mesto ): Ekipa mora biti na prvem ali drugem mestu ob koncu sezone, da bi izpolnila zastavljeni cilj.
  6.02.3-Uvrstitev med prve štiri : Ekipa mora biti na tretjem ali četrtem mestu ob koncu sezone, da bi izpolnila zastavljeni cilj.
  6.02.4-Napredovanje (od 1. do 6. mesta): Ekipa mora biti na petem ali šestem mestu ob koncu sezone, da bi izpolnila zastavljeni cilj.

6.03.-Pozicija zastavljenjega cilja: During the season, every time a round ends, there will be a calculation to determine if your goal has been obtained, not obtained or if on that moment you're on the right way or not. Let us explain:
  6.03.1-Usmerjen: Še zmeraj imate teoretične možnosti za dosega cilja, vendar ste matematično gledano daleč od dosege tega cilja.
  6.03.2-Zelo težko: Težko boste izpolnili zastavljeni cilj, ampak ne obupajte saj imate še zmeraj možnosti.
  6.03.3-Doseženo: Izpolnili ste zastavljeni cilj za to sezono. Čestitamo!
  6.03.4-Gre točno: Nemogoče je, da bi izpolnili vaš zastavljeni cilj v tej sezoni.

6.04.-Navijači: This is the mood (state) in which your supporters are. This is affected by the results of your team and how well you're doing trying to achieve the target you've set at the beginning of the season. The mood of your supporters is very important as this will affect the number of supporters coming to watch your game and reaching an increase in supporters at the end season.

6.05.-Trener prve ekipe: All teams must have a coach for the first team players, this employee is responsible for performing the same training. Coaches have two options to choose from when you are hired, the first is the level of the coach, the higher the level the lower the number of training necessary for a player levels up, is a major factor in improving economic sport and your team, and the second are the qualities that are able to train, you can choose two main qualities (Goalkeeper, defense, creativity, winger and attack) and a secondary quality (position, passes, unmark and set pieces) or you can also choose a quality primary and two secondary, the advantage of choosing a primary and two secondary cost is 80% of the cost for a coach with two primary and one secondary (ie, if a coach now costs 1 million new type two secondary coach and only one primary cost € 800,000 and the same with the weekly salary, 80% compared to the coach of two primary and one secondary)

The combos are: Attack combo needs attack and uncheck, defense combo needs position and defense, midfield combo needs creativity and position, winger combo needs passes and winger and finally, goalkeeper combo needs goalkeeper and position.

6.07.-Fizioterapevt: Its function is to have the team physically ready to avoid injuries. The level of the hired physiotherapist will have a great influence on the fortuitous injuries of your players. You have to understand that some injuries that may arise won't be the fault of your physiotherapist but because of the violent play of the other team. If your physiotherapist has the highest level, it doesn't mean you won't have injuries, but it will influence the length of them and in the fortuitous injuries of your players due to a bad training or a low physical preparation. You also have to control the physical form of your players because a bad form will lead to a higher injurie risk than a good physical form.

6.08.-Zdravnik: Nobody wants it to happen but is evident that in case of injuries the doctor is the person in charge of avoiding irreparable injuries and will deal with the medical treatment of every injury, it is evident that the better level he has the faster he can cure your players, as it is supposed it will be easier to recover young players than older players. A team of physiotherapists and doctosr can avoid and lower the amount it takes for an injury to heal in your team. The doctor will tell you how long it takes for the injury to heal without medical attention and type of injury, the doctor will try to lower the amount the days needed to recover, but miracles do not exist. The faster a doctor can recover injuries the more salary he demands. The longer he works for your team the better.

6.09.-Trener mladincev: They are in charge of the training of the youth school. The youth school can hold a maximum of 5 juniors per season. The level of the junior coach reduces the amount of weeks needed to skill up. The youth coach has different from a first team coach the capacity to every youth player at any skill. Beside the level of the youth coach, the capacity the youth coach can is important. If you sign a high-level coach with a capacity of 5, this would be very expensive meaning that only wealthy teams can afford this. But having a high-level coach with a capacity of 1 or 2 is less expensive can be afforded by teams with a lower budget.

6.10.-Vaše novice: Here you could see all the internal news about your team like when the training has ended, new signings and sells... It could be called your team's log book. You can see what has happened round after round or season after season.

6.11.-Posebni pogoji za novo najemanje trenerjev: The first team trainers do only have a contract for a period of 48 weeks which is 3 seasons. When the contract is finished, you will be able to negotiate over a new contract. This will cost less than his first contract. If you do not have the money or are not willing to renew his contract, his level will lower with nothing less than 2 levels. (for example from Passable High to Passable Low) His contract will be automatically renewed but will cost you only 50% of what you would pay for a new trainer. If your trainer has a level lower than Beginner Low, he will leave your team automatically. The board will hire a new one but with a lower level ( no team can play matches without first team trainer) . Before this happens, and only in case of enough trust from the board in your trainer, you will be able to negotiate over a contract. You will be informed in time when his contract runs out. You can see when the contract runs out on the trainer information page.
The trainer has a contract that lasts 48 weeks. From week 40 you can negotiate with him about a contract extension. Should you be unable to agree with him the trainer will lose 2 trainers levels, does he reach beginner low, he will receive permission to leave the team moreover his contract will be automatically extended by 3 seasons while you pay 50% of his value on the market. ( if you don't want him anymore, you can always fire him). Check the section "negotiations" for more info on the matter.

6.12.-Posebni pogoji za najemanje novih trenerjih mladincev: Youth trainers will only maintain their training level and their training capacity for an amount of 48 weeks or 3 seasons. When his contract runs out you're able to negotiate over a new one, costing you less than a new hiring, but if you do not have enough money or you do not want to renew him, he will lose a level in both his level and capacity. If a youth trainer has capacity for only one youth player, and you do not agree over a new contract, he will leave the club. You will be informed in time if that is the case. You can see when the contract runs out on the trainer's page.
This is to remind you that the contract of your youth coaches last for 48 weeks (3 seasons). If you want to extend this contract you can do so starting from week 40. If you do not reach an agreement with him, this may lower their ability to train a player less and also a lower level of training and it will be automatically extended with another 3 seasons, in which you will have to pay a minimum of 50% of the price such a coach would cost on the market (If you don't want him to stay any longer you can fire him before the period expires). And if any of the levels reaches 0 he will receive permission from the board to leave. When negotiating with your youth coach you have a dead line of 8 weeks before you must have an agreement.

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