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8.- Trening: This is one of the most important areas in your club. Your training will positively influence the sports face (you will improve players’ classifications) and the economical face (you will have good players you will sell to buy different ones). In order to maximize the training it is recommendable to train 10 players, to establish a strategy in a medium – long term with the younger players who prosper faster. To do so it is important to carefully study the necessities of your team and to have young players to train and some older in those positions you do not train. The second thing in importance is the training of the Trainer, who will decide which qualities must be trainer and the level of the training (the higher the level is, the least the number of trainings needed by your players to increase their qualities)

8.01.-Trening v Torek in Četrtek: Ob torkih in četrtkih lahko nastavite trening za 5 igralcev. Isti irgalec lahko trenira 2-krat na teden, a če trenira isto sposobnost obakrat bo v četrtek prejel samo polovični trening. Za dvig primarne sposobnosti 20-letni igralec potrebuje okoli 7-8 tednov, za dvig sekundarne sposobnosti pa 3-4 tedne (preverite sposobnosti, katere potrebujejo posamezne pozicije). Igralec ne more trenirati 2 različnih sposobnosti na isti dan. Spremembe treninga med torkom in četrtkom morajo biti nastavljene najmanj 30 minut pred začetkom treninga. Igralcu ni treba igrati tekme, da prejme trening. Postava nima vpliva na trening.

8.02.-Vaši igralci: Here you can see all of your player’s cards to have by hand all the date to choose the players to shape the trainings. The qualities of your players are whole values, but each player has a milesimal value which controls the so called “sublevel” of each quality which is invisible for all the Managers. This “sublevel” grows in a hiding way to the Manager, but when this “sublevel” makes a progress in the level of the quality, the Manager is warned and he sees how the player changes the quality to the next upper level. This change, when there is a veteran player, can be downwards because as he grows older, the qualities reduce themselves very quickly in a similar way the player grows older.

8.03.-Trener prve ekipe: This is one of the most important ways of improving your team. His level affects the speed of progression of your players while they train. The moment your team is activated a medium-low level trainer will be assigned to your team. We strongly advice to immediately hire a trainer with a better level, but only one you can pay. Study your players and create a strategy before you decide which player has to train on what skill. Choose a trainer that fits in your plans. You can choose two primary skills and one secondary. Every trainer can train their players in form and musculature beside their primary and secondary skills. Bear in mind that only young players can be trained optimally, they need less training sessions to have a skill up.

8.04.-Število treningov: Tukaj imate dostop do seznama vseh treningov igralca v določeni sposobnosti. Ko igralec doseže višjo stopnjo, se bo trening te sposobnosti resetiral nazaj na nič.

8.05.-Spremembe pri treningu: Na tej strani lahko dostopate do seznama vseh sprememb v sposobnosti in vrednosti igralcev iz vseh tednov sezone. Ko je se števec treningov za igralca resetira pomeni, da je ta igralec preskočil v trenirani sposobnosti.

8.06.-Posebni pogoji za novo najemanje trenerjev: The first team trainers do only have a contract for a period of 48 weeks which is 3 seasons. When the contract is finished, you will be able to negotiate over a new contract. This will cost less than his first contract. If you do not have the money or are not willing to renew his contract, his level will lower with nothing less than 2 levels. (for example from Passable High to Passable Low) His contract will be automatically renewed but will cost you only 50% of what you would pay for a new trainer. If your trainer has a level lower than Beginner Low, he will leave your team automatically. The board will hire a new one but with a lower level ( no team can play matches without first team trainer) . Before this happens, and only in case of enough trust from the board in your trainer, you will be able to negotiate over a contract. You will be informed in time when his contract runs out. You can see when the contract runs out on the trainer information page.
The trainer has a contract that lasts 48 weeks. From week 40 you can negotiate with him about a contract extension. Should you be unable to agree with him the trainer will lose 2 trainers levels, does he reach beginner low, he will receive permission to leave the team moreover his contract will be automatically extended by 3 seasons while you pay 50% of his value on the market. ( if you don't want him anymore, you can always fire him). Check the section "negotiations" for more info on the matter.

8.07.-Trening forme in delavnosti: Both kinds of trainings can be trained with any coach, but as they are special trainings we want to remind about some aspects for a better understanding. It's important to notice that both skills are influenced by age as opposed to other skills. A player can have a full skill up in form after the training. ( from his first training he can do so) Musculature has a hidden limit for every player and needs 5 or 6 training sessions to improve. When the player did not have a skill up in musculature it means the limit has been reached.
Form is nothing else than the psychical fitness of the players in each week of the season. 50% Of your players will have their form updates every Thursday. The update rewards or punishes the usage by the manager of the player during the week. A player who plays or trains twice a week will be tired, a player who does not play will lose form due to inactivity. His form raises in case of correct usage. For young players with a higher level of musculature it's easier to have a higher form. A player with a high level of form will use his possibilities better and can support his team better than a player with less form.

8.08.-Napad Combo in Branilec Combo: To be able to use these type of training your trainer needs the following to skills to fulfill the combo: For an attack combo it's necessary to have Attack and Unmark, defense combo needs Defense and Position. These trainings have no advantage or disadvantage it's just a way of training secondary skills without letting the player train twice a week ( primary and secondary). A combo training consists of 50% primary and 50% secondary training. A player who uses this option will train 0.5 in the primary and 0.5 in the secondary skill. In this way you can train both primary and secondary skills without losing form. A combo training can only be held Tuesdays. Also here training twice a week will be punished by losing form.

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